Things to Know About Custom Challenge Coin

30 May

For those who do not know what a custom challenge coin is we need to go back to the history of the challenge so that they can understand. The challenge coin has an extensive history according to some of the researcher, but in our case, we will look it from the United States military history. Whereby the challenge coin was first used in the military after the first world war, when the war was over the officer in charge wanted to reward the pilots who were involved in that war. He ordered that golden plated models to be made so that he can use them to honor those pilots. Form that time, the United States military has been using the challenge coin, also the police department and the fire brigade tool up the use of the coin. Of late, the corporate world has also joined the use of the custom challenge coin, and it is being used in various ways. In this article, we will discuss ways which companies are using the challenge coin.

First, we let people know that the custom challenge coin comes in various shapes, colors and sizes and the also the material that is used to make the coin is different and depends on the policies of the organization. The diameter of the coin also varies from one company to another; the diameter of the challenge coin can either be two inches or one and a half inch. The thickness of the coin depends on whether it is a two or three-dimensional coin; the thickness ranges from one and a half inches to three inches.

In the military, police department or the fire brigade, the custom challenge coin is used to honor members of the group who participated in the act and showed bravery. Therefore when a group in the military are awarded a particular coin, one can use it to identify themselves with that group. To get some facts about challenge coins, go to

In terms of money, the challenge coin is valueless, but the management of a company can use the coin to improve the productivity of the company whereby they award employees the custom challenge coin for the personal efforts that they have made in the company. The employee will feel motivated will have the morale to do more for the company when they see that the management is noticing their efforts.

In conclusion, the custom challenge coin is vital for the company, and the management can also maintain the spirit of teamwork using the custom challenge coin. Make sure to click for more details!

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